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In Florida, paternity of a child is a key factor in determining whether a man will be held responsible for child support and whether he will be entitled to timesharing with and parental responsibility of a child. Mothers often file paternity actions in order to obtain child support or to establish a set timesharing schedule between the Father and the minor child. Fathers typically file paternity actions to establish their rights as a father to have timesharing with the child and to participate in major decisions in the child's life.

There are several different ways to establish paternity in Florida:

1. Marriage: Parents are married to each other when a child is born.

2. Acknowledgement of paternity: An unmarried couple assigns paternity in an official paternity agreement.

3. Genetic testing: A genetic test proves fatherhood and there is not already a legal father.

4. Court order: A judge orders legal paternity in a paternity action.

5. Legitimation: Mother and biological father marry after the child is born and update birth records.

In Florida, pursuant to Florida Statute 742.18, ti is possible to "disestablish" paternity fi you learn that you are not the biological father of a child, even after you have been ordered to pay child support. The Law Office of Gloria Gonzalez is able to help you disestablish paternity and file a proper Petition to Disestablish Paternity and strictly comply with the language contained in the statute.


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