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Same Sex Marriage and Divorce

The laws regarding marriage equality are changing fast and furious. State laws, yet to be determined, affect many aspects of a divorcing same-sex party's rights, such as: health issues, insurance, parental rights, property distribution, civilian and military service benefits, taxation and property issues to name a few. As the laws have changed so drastically during the recent years, laws are struggling to keep up. The distinctive challenges that same-sex couples will encounter when navigating through a divorce are yet to be seen. Now, as same sex divorce becomes and emergent area, new issues must be considered: determination of parentage for a child born during the marriage? Equitable distribution of assets? Is the determination of the duration of the marriage the standard? What about if there was a domestic partnership prior to the marriage?

As is to be expected, with an increase in marriages, there will likely be an increase in

divorces There is no precedent established to know how individual judges will rule on issues. It is therefore vital for you to have an attorney who is knowledgeable and is following the change in the statutes and Florida case Law. Attorney Gloria Gonzalez prides herself on remaining current on the law and the ever-changing landscape of same sex marriage and divorce.

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